Tiny Elfin Dolls – Outfit Assembly – Linda Lyons


Here’s a great photo tutorial from Linda Lyons.  She designed these darling Tiny Elfin Dolls we’ve been making.  If you don’t have your kit yet, you can get it here at artdolls.com or here at makingfairies.com.



1. Cut a little triangle/vshape on thin fabric or lace and fold over.

2. Cut out the triangle on the folded fabric and wrap around the doll bottom.

3. Use fabric glue and place front to back.

4.  Use a piece of pretty lace for the upper part of the dress.

5. Wrap around the upper part of the doll and glue in place.

6.  Find fabric you want for the dress bottom.  I layered thin tulle on silk fabric I cut from a vintage prom dress.

7.  I cut the fabric 2.5″ wide and about 10.5″ long for a full skirt.


8. Layer the two pieces together.  You can use one layer of fabric of your choice too.  I just like the way a tulle overlay looks.

9.  Sew together with a simple running stitch with either a machine or by hand and then pull one end of the thread to gather into a little full skirt.

10.  Carefully glue the dress onto the doll around the waist.  The back will be open but just glue together to look like a seam.

11.  Add ribbon around the waist and further decorate with microbeads or glitter.  I used 3 ply vintage metal thread and dipped the ends in German glass glitter to decorate the shoes.  I used tiny little faux flower buds dipped in glitter for the extra decoration on her hair.


12.  I dipped the ends of the sari ribbon around her waist in gloss and glitter also and put a little flower bead on the front of her ribbon.


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