Making a Santa Costume


Course Overview:

The Making Santa’s Costume will is a holiday favorite. This two-hour video set covers the steps in making a complete costume. This is the same costume you would see on a Macy’s Santa. It is the same technique that Jack Johnston featured on HGTV in the Modern Masters program.

For this year’s contest, you may use a kit from either our Jack Johnston Santa Claus DVD & Costume DVD kit or our Father Christmas Kit, which contains a full 9 hour workshop of videos by Apryl Jensen. Both kits will come with the same basic items. The main difference is in the instruction and how extensive you’d like it. Our contest begins now and will last until December 23rd, 2020. Can you believe it’s the end of the year already? What a year it has been.

Our winner will receive a year’s membership at SculptU ($450 value) and a year’s supply of clay (12 bars). Our second place will receive a 6 month membership and 6 bars of clay, and our third place winner will receive a 3 month membership and 3 bars of clay.

Joining a contest is a great way to get the extra motivation you need to finish that doll!

Deadline is December 23, 2020.

Lessons in this course: