Light Box Tutorial


How to Make an Inexpensive Light Tent

 I use to use a similar set up, but with dowels as the 4 support structures…this box is easier!  However, to make it more Fairy Friendly, I’d suggest adding a nice “floor” (I use a pretty tile from Home Depot) and drape some silk gauze or other flowy material for the back ground.  You can also go all nature fairy on us, and decorate the inside with a landscape of plants and moss.  It’s all up to you!  This tutorial just gives the basics for lighting and structure. In the summertime, I just take the whole light box out and let the sun be the lighting for me.  The lightbox still protects my dolls from glare and harsh tones.  And remember, sunset is magical for photos!


Here is a picture of Sarah on my travertine tile and surrounded by silk gauze, and a rock in the background for more texture.


And if you make jewelry or other tiny object, it’s perfect as is!