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What if there was a way you could access hundreds of hours of professional sculpting instructions, for a low monthly price?

I recently joined Lynda.com, a site for learning all about graphic design and the latest software available. It’s been a huge help as I’ve been learning and I can focus on just what I need to. I pay a monthly membership, and I can cancel at anytime. Once I’m done learning so much, I’ll end my membership and move on.

It gave me an idea…what if there were a site like this just for sculpting and making fairies, babies, artdolls, and more?

What if people could become members and get access to the information they need through the different phases of sculpting and selling their work? I would have loved a teaching site when I first started. I set out to create just that!

Imagine having whatever videos and articles you need right at your finger tips! 

The cost of sculpting instruction can add up.  We’ve developed an easy way for you to access the information you need, when you need it.  Are you in a learning phase? This is a great time to get access to all of our videos, so you can learn how to sculpt every part of the art doll. SculptUniversity is a collection of the videos and articles created by Apryl Jensen and Jack Johnston, from artdolls.com.  It continues to grow month after month, but once you lock in to your membership price, your rate will never increase.

Sculpt University is filled with sculpting videos, articles, and tutorials created just for you, the One of A Kind sculptor.  



SculptUniversity has courses available on all of these topics below, plus so much more!

And this is just the beginning!

Once you enroll in Sculpt University, you will have access to the many videos and tutorials Jack and I have already created.  Each month, more will be added. The value of your membership will continue to grow!  And, there’s more…

Special Bonus! We’ve decided to make your membership even more valuable.

Have you been wanting a website…someplace to showcase your work or simply share with friends and family members?

Included with every enrollment is Free Web Hosting and a free domain name! Just send me the available domain name you’d like, and I’ll host your website for you for FREE, as long as you are a member of Sculpt University.  

If you’ve seen my booklets and videos on eBay, you already know what an incredible value Sculpt University is. Upon enrollment, you will gain online access to our popular dvd collections (over $800 value!), and be the first to enjoy new material each and every month!

If you are serious about sculpting figures in polymer clay,

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We’ve created this site with all sculpting levels in mind.  Whether you are a beginner, just starting out, or an experienced sculptor, just looking for more tips and ideas, you will find what you need at Sculpt University.

What kind of things will you learn at Sculpt University?

We have tutorials on sculpting the male, the female, fairies, mermaids, miniature babies, fairy wings, mermaid tails, and more!

We also have tutorials on creating armatures, mixing clay, and–what every doll artist should know–how to handle repairs!

Are you interested in selling your work?  Sculpt University offers free web hosting so you can create a website and showcase your work.  We also have videos on putting together simple websites and using HTML so you can create great auctions as well (coming soon!).

With free web hosting, you can store all of your images online and not have to pay image fees to ebay when you list an auction. You can create web galleries and easily share your creations with friends, family, and potential clients.

Sculpt University will help you through the entire process from gathering your supplies and working with a lump of clay to properly packing a doll you have sold.

Are you ready to get started?

Once you join, you are in charge of your membership.  You can stay a member for 1 month or 12 months – it is up to you.  Our system has your membership on automatic renewal so your price will never go up.

We strive to make this site of great value to you.  With a free web domain, free web hosting, and new material each month, you can get the help you need from Sculpt University.

Take advantage of this opportunity to lock in to a low price while Sculpt University is still growing.

SculptUniversity.com is now open and accepting discounted Charter Memberships.

What’s a charter membership? Charter members join us in the early stages, at a discounted rate. The site is now filled with all our premium videos, and more and more articles and videos are being added.  

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There is a lot of free content on YouTube, but with SculptUniversity.com, you have access to professional sculpting instruction from artists with over twenty years of teaching and sculpting experience.

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Over the years, Jack Johnston and Apryl Jensen have created hundreds of hours of professional sculpting instruction. With Jack’s over 25 years as a leader in the industry, and Apryl’s 12 years of sculpting, creating videos, and teaching workshops, we bring a lot of experience to the table.  And that experience can help you be the sculptor you dream of being.

Not only will you find all of our premium sculpting videos inside, but also many articles, tips, tricks, and help for the beginning or well-seasoned sculptor.  As we learn and create, we add more content to this site, and it is ever expanding.  Your membership value will continue to grow, month after month.

To make it as an artist in this field, you need support.  We are here to give that to you.  Now is your chance to take advantage of this amazing collection of sculpting instruction.

Topics inside cover Art Dolls, Fantasy Figures, Full Sculpt Dolls, Santas, Witches, Fairies, Mermaids, Mermen, and even Merbabies.  We also have several Full Workshop video collection, with over 10 hours of video instruction.  The only thing better is being at one of our workshops in the studio.

Over the years, Jack has become a good friend and father figure.  I am thrilled to combine what he has created with my own videos and sculpting instruction to create a wealth of information for you, at an affordable price.  Take advantage of our charter membership period and start learning today at a discounted price.

With our ever-changing world, and live, in-person workshops becoming trickier to do, we are moving things online, so we can be available to your in online videos and workshops to give you the support you need.

Looking for videos and sculpting materials?  Please visit our two sister sites, MakingFairies.com and ArtDolls.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Use PayPal to Enroll?

No, you can use any major credit card.  Once you fill out your membership information, you can choose to pay by PayPal or Credit card. Your transaction will be processed by secure and encrypted connections.

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What If I Join for a Few Months, and Then Want to Cancel my Membership?

Then do it! I’ve been a member of other membership sites, and I only belong to one now.  I unsubscribed once I was ready to move on.  There is a time for everything.  In fact, you are in control of your subscription.  You have a membership area where you can cancel at any time.

Why is the first month more expensive?

When you join SculptUniversity.com, you will have immediate access to over $800 worth of professional sculpting materials. Your first month has a great discount, and if you choose to stay with us longer, the price drops significantly for following months.  If you are looking for the best value and know you’ll be around for a while, try our annual membership here.

Do I get a website with my membership?

You get a domain name and monthly hostly.  This is the name and the space for your site.  I also have my son available to help you set up a basic WordPress site, or you are free to use your space however you wish.  WordPress is a very user-friendly type of site, so we will have directions here on how to set one up yourself.

Do you have any sort of affiliate program if I want to share this site with friends?

Yes, absolutely! Sculpt University is a great value and I’d like to share it with as many people as possible. Once you enroll, you’ll find information inside about how you can share this site with people you know, and earn a commission in the process. It’s way easy! I’ve done this with my own memberships in the past, and often after sharing the site with a few people, my own membership costs were covered each month! How cool is that?

How Do I Enroll in Sculpt University, and Where Do I Get Started?

You can enroll by clicking on the button below:

As you enroll, you choose your own username and password to access the Sculpt University Membership Site. You’ll receive an email with this information also that will direct you how to login. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be directed back to Sculpt University. You simply enter your login information, and you are good to go.  It’s that easy.

I may raise the membership price at any time.  If you join now as a Charter member, you can lock in at your monthly rate as long as you remain a member no matter how much I raise the price.

Amazing Sculpting Lessons, Tutorials, Videos, Web Hosting, and Affiliate Program…Sculpt University is an amazing value.  Join us today!



 Sculpt University is created and operated by Apryl Jensen from MakingFairies.com and Aprylian.com