2020 ProSculpt Male Fairy Contest

Announcing our first ever MALE FAIRY CONTEST!

Male fairies are super fun to make.  I love making all of those muscles!

Come join the fun and make one of your own!

You can join the contest by purchasing this kit which comes with about everything you need to sculpt a male fairy.

Kit Contains:

You are welcome to use whatever you would like for the wings and costuming.  I’ll include some bits to get you started.

Contest Deadline is November 14, 2020!  Winners will receive prizes as follows:

First place will receive One-Year Subscription to SculptUniversity.com and a year’s supply of clay (12 bars).

Second Place will receive a Two-Month Subscription to SculptUniversity.com, and 9 bars of clay.

Third Place will receive a One-Month Subscription to SculptUniversity.com, and 6 bars of clay.